Greater Toronto Painters is a Toronto painting company that serves Toronto and its surrounding suburbs.

They provide all kind of painting services, including exterior painting, interior painting, and service both residential and industrial locations.

I used them recently on a small house painting job.  We had 2 walls that needed to be painted.  They quoted us a price that was in the middle of the quotes we received from various contractors.

We decided to go with them because they serviced our location in Mississauga.  That’s one of their advantages, they service far more locations in the area than most other companies.

Their painter came in on time, took around 5 hours, and cleaned up after himself.  The paint job was done well, and we are very satisfied with the work done.   The paint we used was a Benjamin Moore dark blue that looked amazing on our wall.

I’d highly recommend them, their location is at 19 Yorkville Ave #300, Toronto, ON M4W 1L1.  Their phone number is (647) 694-0215.  I’d rate their service a solid 4.5/5.