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Next Slow Food Book Group Meeting.

The next selection for the Slow Food Book Group is American Fried, Calvin Trillin’s first food book, which is now collected with the other two works in The Tummy Trilogy, and available in paperback. Trillin has long written humorously about his travels in search of good food, travels which usually take him far from the fancy restaurants, and more likely into ethnic,  neighborhood joints. The book group will meet Thursday, February 18th, 6-8pm. The meeting is free and open to everyone. Usually 8 to 20 people participate in each. We talk about the book in question, which is chosen by the group from amongst books on food politics, farming, memoir, or literature. Conversation frequently moves to what we’re eating or cooking, or what’s going on with food in other ways.



SFP Book Group – How to Cook a Wolf

Due to a Publisher’s Rep error, the selected title has not yet (!) arrived in the store.  We will postpone the meeting two weeks to Thursday June 11th, at 6:00 here at Rabelais. The book will arrive at the store on Wednesday, May 27th, so come in and get your copy.  It is a slim volume, so we should all have time to read it. This MFK Fisher classic addresses making the most from meager resources, a timely read!
The Slow Food Portland Book Group meets about once a month to discuss a book chosen by the group. Books include food history, politics, literature and memoir, and authors read to date include: Angelo Pelligrini, Michael Pollan, George Orwell, Amy Trubek, Barbara Kingsolver, Mark Kurlansky, Bill Buford and others. The group is informal and fun, and discussion of any food related topic is usually welcome.  The meetings take place at Rabelais Books, 86 Middle Street, Portland.


Book Group Selection: The Fly Truffler

A bit tardy in posting, forgive us, but the group has chosen the Gustaf Sobin title, The Fly Truffler for it’s next read. This time we are reading fiction with the truffling traditions of Provence as the background.

The book is available now at Rabelais for $12, with a 10% discount for Slow Food members.

The next meeting to discuss The Fly Truffler will be on Wednesday, January 7th from 6:00 to 7:30 PM at Rabelais, 86 Middle Street.


Molecular Gastronomy – the next Slow Food Book Group selection.

The selection for the next Slow Food Portland Book Group is Molecular Gastronomy by Herve This. This is a French biochemist, who has worked for many years alongside Michelin Three-Star chef Pierre Gagnaire. In Molecular Gastronomy, This presents one hundred short chapters, each on a different aspect of food science. He includes not only what happens in the processes of cooking and baking, but what is going on in the mouth and in the brain when one is tasting and eating food. If Harold McGee’s food science classic, On Food and Cooking, sits on your shelf, or even if you’re just interested in what exactly happens to make food taste so good, this is a great book for you. The book also addresses some of the modern techniques embraced by the world’s greatest chefs, so if you are curious about these techniques and want to get a better sense of what Rob Evans, Thomas Keller, Grant Achatz,
Ferran Adria, and Wylie Dufresne are all about, read the book and come join us!

The book is now available in paperback; the price is $16.95. Book group members receive a 10% discount off the purchase. We will meet to discuss this book on Monday, November 17th from 6 pm to 7:30 pm.


Slow Food Book Group Selection

This month we are reading Robbing The Bees, A Biography of Honey by Holley Bishop.

In order to learn more about the culture and history of honey, Bishop apprenticed herself to Donald Smiley, a beekeeper in the Florida Panhandle. Robbing The Bees intersperses her experiences working with the winged insects with the science and lore of honey.

Michael Pollan says about the book, ” Holley Bishop’s love affair with honeybees combines natural and social history with gastronomy and memoir to produce a delicious reading experience.”

We will meet at Rabelais to discuss the world of bees on Tuesday October 7th from 6:00 to 7:30 pm.  The book is now available at Rabelais. The book is $14 and there is a 10% discount for Slow Food members.

Come one, come all!


86 Middle Street between India and Franklin

774 1044


Next Slow Food Book Group Selection

The next meeting of the Slow Food Book Group has been re-scheduled due to a cooking conflict. So we will meet on Thursday September 3 from 6 to 7:30pm.

The title we are reading this go around is Little Heathens, Hard Times and High Spirits on an Iowa Farm During the Great Depression by Mildred Armstrong Kalish. It’s a fantastic read, so pick up your copy today, there’s still time to read it.

The meetings are held at Rabelais Books – 86 Middle Street, Portland, and are open to all. Slow Food members receive a 10% discount on the Book Group selection.