Sept 17 – Take the $5 Challenge!

Take the $5 challenge! Join Slow Food Portland as we join thousands of people all over the country on Sept. 17 to show that good, clean, local, sustainable food doesn’t have to cost a fortune by creating a $5 slow food meal.

Slow food shouldn’t have to cost more than fast food. It shouldn’t be harder to feed our children fruit than it is to feed them Froot Loops. But against the odds, every day there are people all over the country who manage to cook healthy food on a budget. We need to make cooking and eating this way a possibility for everyone.

Slow Food Portland will be hosting an amazing $5 meal that you won’t forget. We’ll be gathering at Quimby Colony’s (located in the old Roma Restaurant) new renovated kitchen facility, everyone will put $5 into a spending pool, we’ll walk down to the Saturday Farmer’s Market in Deering Oaks Park, buy locally grown ingredients, and then come back to the Quimby Colony kitchen and together cook a delicious $5 lunch. Jonah Fertig of Local Sprouts Cooperative and Cafe will lead the farmer’s market shopping expedition and lunch preparation. We have room at the event for 30 people, so sign up today:

SIGN UP: Slow Food Portland Maine $5 Farmer’s Market Excursion Lunch

Or if you can’t attend our event on the 17th, you can still take the challenge and share a meal with family and friends and create your own $5 slow food meal. Click here – every action counts!

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