Special September Membership Drive !

During the month of September, in conjunction with the September 17 $5 Challenge Day of Action, Slow Food USA is holding a special “give what you can” offer for new memberships joining between September 1 – September 30. Pay any amount you can or want, and you will be signed up for a 1 year Slow Food membership! In addition, if you join through the link provided below, 50% of your membership fees will come back to the local chapter.

I want to join!

Why join? Here are some of the benefits to being a Slow Food USA member. With SFUSA membership you…

Become part of a community:
• Connect to your local chapter and get invitations to local events
• Get a Slow Food USA member card (with a donation of $25 or more)
• Support a movement that is local, national, and global

Get informed:
• Learn about the issues
• Get tips on cooking, gardening, and “going slow”
• Stay up-to-date on the latest food news

Get involved:
• Help out with local projects
• Receive action alerts and insider updates on advocacy

Though there are a variety of membership benefits, the best part is knowing your contribution plays a critical role in bringing people together to plant gardens and share food, to support farmers and local food traditions, to teach the next generation about good food, and ultimately to transform food and farming in the U.S.

I want to join! Become a member now!

And don’t forget to join Slow Food Portland at Quimby Colony on Sept. 17 for our $5 Challenge Farmers’ Market excursion and lunch.

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