Terra Madre applications

In October Slow Food International will host Terra Madre, the 3rd biennial gathering of world food producers, academics and chefs. Slow Food Portland is pleased this year to offer sponsorship to cover the airfare to Turin, Italy for 2 Maine delegates.


Many thanks to Caiola’s Restaurant, Rabelais Books, Aurora Provisions, and Vias Wines, and to Nancy Harmon Jenkins and Paolo Cantele, for their generosity in hosting a fundraiser to cover these costs. More details will follow, but please save the date: April 22, 6:30 pm at Caiola’s in Portland. 


Slow Food International handles all logistics for feeding and lodging the 5000+ Terra Madre delegates (and pays airfare for those coming from third world countries). In 2006 Slow Food Portland sponsored a delegation from MOFGA (Russell Libby and John Bunker), and two chefs, Sam Hayward and Lee Skawinski. But because we didn’t have a convivium selection process in place and the nominations happened quickly, each paid their own airfare.


If you are interested in applying, or would like to nominate someone, please email us at this address: info@slowfoodportland.org. Participants must either represent a food community or work as a chef or in a related academic field. Maine has to date defined and sent delegates from 3 communities: Aroostook County Grain Growers, Maine Organic Potato Farmers, and MOFGA. This time around we can either nominate someone from one of these groups, or identify others that should have representation. Please let us know very briefly who you are and what you represent, and we’ll follow up to discuss selection criteria. We’ll ask that our 2 representatives share their experiences in some way with the convivium when they return, probably through helping to organize an event or talk.


More information about Terra Madre is available at this website: http://www.terramadre.info/


We can sponsor 1 chef and up to three participants from any one food community, but there are no limits to the numbers of food communities that can apply. So if you aren’t selected as one of our 2 delegates receiving airfare, we can still sponsor your application (you would be responsible for purchasing plane tickets, but if accepted your housing and meals will be covered either way by Slow Food International).


Looking forward to hearing from you!

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