When’s Writers’ Night?

So it’s January and Writer’s Night should be rolling around just about now, right? Well this year we’ve moved Writer’s Night to March, partially in an effort to give us all a break after the holidays, and also to be able to reach out to more writer who might be reluctant to travel in January. So save the date: Wednesday, March 10th, at Space Gallery as usual.  So far, writer’s appearing include: Greg Marley, author of Mushrooms for Health: Medicinal Secrets of Northeastern Fungi, John Bunker, author of The Apples of Palermo, Maine, and Max Watman, author of Chasing the White Dog, An American Outlaw’s Adventures in Moonshine, and more to be announced. We’re pleased that this year we’ll be discussing three topics we have yet to include in Writer’s Night: mushrooms, apples and craft distilling, all of which have lively proponents in Maine.This new date will also mean that Writer’s Night is overlapping with Maine Restaurant Week, and will follow right on the heels of Judith Jones’ appearance for the Portland Museum of Art. Stay tuned for more  info about Writer’s Night!

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